The key to choosing cultured pearls is being able to recognize high quality pearls when you see them. While evaluating the quality of cultured pearls is similar in many respects to evaluating the quality of diamonds, it is far more important with cultured pearls. Diamonds, as you frequently hear, “Last Forever”. Pearls however, do not. This is because all pearls are relatively “soft” and they will start to show wear with time. The quality of the cultured pearl has a direct bearing on how long that cultured pearl will retain its luster and beauty. The nacre of a cultured pearl is the source of thatRead More →

Although one of the less common habits of ferroan dolomite found at the Lamereaux road bridge locality, multiple-growth hillocks do occur with some frequency throughout the septaria. This habit has been illustrated by crystal 1 in figure II. This type of growth is not linked to any particular generation, but has been observed more frequently in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations. The reason for the hillocks is not completely clear, but they do appear to grow simultaneously with the central crystals. In general, the hillocks are crude in comparison to the central crystal, but are of identical form, color and luster. The number ofRead More →

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